Dragon by Polly Hamilton

              A colourful dragon by Polly Hamilton, aged 8. ... Read more!

Pill Box by Emily Smith

Boots smashed into the waterlogged ground while rain poured around the uniform clad men. Dark... Read more!

Hiding by Nathan Gates

You are working in your field trying to provide for your family. The clear blue... Read more!

In Hell and Heaven by Oliver Grimwood

I considered my options. Stay put or run?    Running was dangerous. There was talk... Read more!


In the Pirate’s Bag: Shimmering gold ... Read more!

Fifty Years On by Isabel Shaw

Screams filled the air. People ran. Church bells rang out into the hot, clammy, humid... Read more!

Running by Holly McKeowen

Running Running ... Read more!

The Oath by Ben Proctor

The burning summer of 1940. We flocked like birds into a little village just past... Read more!

Tea by Hannah Cooper

Bang.   I sat up, sweat pouring down my face. That was the door. I... Read more!


White: Tasty meringue, Blank paper... Read more!

Riddles and Jokes from St Edmunds

I dance and fly up in the sky.... Read more!

What Am I? by Nancy, Amy and Megan

I have a mouth but I can’t swallow.... Read more!

Mesh, a Grey Prison by Aidan Ho

A pregnant, puffed cloud drifted, sluggish and slow, over the city. The stretched sea of... Read more!

The Will by Kai Waldron

The ear-splitting roar that erupted from my rifle was deafening. Startled robins frantically flapped away,... Read more!

The New Dog by Maddy Brewer

Everywhere was quiet. There were colourful flowers growing peacefully around the garden. All that could... Read more!

Afghanistan, the Third World War by Vimal Mepani

“Two thousand and sixteen; it’s been going on for too long now. We need to... Read more!

Movement by Kai Waldron

A violent flash exploded from the large light that towered over me, reaching down and... Read more!

William Shakespeare by Georgia Howeld

G shakespeare drawing
A portrait of William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death... Read more!


What’s in juice and not in water?... Read more!

“Marmie” by Polly Hamilton

marmalade cat
    A portrait of Marmalade, drawn in chalks, by Polly Hamilton, aged 8.    ... Read more!

Out of the Shadows by Toby Clark

The gravel crunched beneath my feet as I stomped down the street, my arms swinging... Read more!

Guess What I Am by Harry

I have a mouth, but can’t speak.... Read more!

Edgar and Ruby by Leila

Edgar and Ruby, from As Quiet As A Mouse... Read more!

The Winter of Teeter Town by Aman Vyas

Soft, silent snow. The stinging wind is howling like a hurt wolf. The hoary leaves... Read more!

Running Late by Annabel Foster

My heart was racing. I couldn’t feel my own legs. Although I had been taught... Read more!


In a Dragon’s Pocket... Read more!

List Poems

Sun Sand Sunflower... Read more!

What is This? by Isabel

What is loud and not a lion?... Read more!

Hide and Seek by Mir Sumaria

Ahead of me everything was deserted and quiet but vibrant and colourful. I had mixed... Read more!

The Spooky Mansion by Alim Merali

The wind whistles through the trees as the light begins to fade. Then we see... Read more!

Winter Wonderland by Aaron Nathwani

The sky above looked dull, dreary and dismal as the clouds gathered in a wintry,... Read more!

Leprechaun in London by Aarushi Dahiya

Blarney McMuffin gazed around in absolute bafflement. Instinctively, the leprechaun reached down to check on... Read more!

Cut Throat Island by Anurag Chaudhari

The island was illuminated by the glimmering sun which rose into the air. Emerald green... Read more!

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