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Make Your Own Pop-Up Monster by Loretta Schauer

monster moved in

CWISL author-illustrator Loretta Schauer had great fun drawing the pictures for A Monster’s Moved In.

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Using Historical Sources for Fiction by Lydia Syson

invader leaflet

Sometimes a story is sparked by a single ‘lightbulb’ moment – like when I discovered that in Kent during World War Two fighter planes literally disappeared into the ground and their pilots vanished.

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The Write Tips: What Works For Us!

small logo

CWISL author Cate Sampson likes mystery in her stories. That was easy when she was writing crime novels – someone was dead and the reader wanted to know who the killer was.

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My Desert Island Books by Lena Ama Simpe-Asante

considine curse

ShoutAbout reader Lena Ama Simpe-Asante has chosen her favourite books to take to a desert island.

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Book Exchange Magic in South London!

phone box library

From the outside, it looks like an old telephone box. But look inside and you can’t help but be inspired.

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New books jack dash

Everything changes for Jack when he finds a magic feather inside a book.

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New books ship of spectres

Is there a ghostly murderer on board?

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New books frankenstein

Frankenstein dreams of creating something special and wonderful, a new life that will transform the world.

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New books monster moved in

It’s raining and Barnaby is bored. Then he has a brilliant idea: he’s going to make a den. “But a monster might move in!” say Mum and Dad.

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