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Welcome to our online magazine for creative writing and illustration.

If you're under 16, ShoutAbout! is where you can show your writing and illustration. Just send it in to us!

You'll find your stories and drawings in Your Shout. Roundabout is full of thoughts and ideas from authors and illustrators as well as interviews, games, puzzles, book news and choices, and more.

ShoutAbout! is presented by CWISL, the writers and illustrators behind the amazing ShoutSouth! festival. You can find us on Facebook.

So have a go - join in!

How to join in

  • Send us your stories - in words, or pictures, or both
  • Tell us what you'd like to see in the magazine.
  • Ask us questions about writing or drawing and we'll answer
  • Post a comment about stories or drawings you like or books you've enjoyed.

Make sure you've read the Terms and Conditions for sending us material.

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In this issue

Welcome to our Spring edition.

There are fun, light-hearted riddles and poems standing alongside exquisite writing inspired by thoughts of war, fear and despair.  

We’d be delighted to know your thoughts.  

Karen Owen, ShoutAbout Editor

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